To assign and print a Contract Form:
  1. Navigate to Enrollment Management.
  2. From the People Finder, search/select your user/test user.
  3. Click their Contracts tab.
  4. Click +Add New.
  5. Select the Contract Type and School Year.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Navigate to Enrollment Management > Enrollment > Contracts
  8. Click  Manage Contract Forms 
  9. To the right of the Contract you assigned, click Edit Form.
  10. Click Generate Contracts in the lower right corner.
  11. Navigate back to Enrollment Management > People Finder.
  12. Search/select the user/test user you assigned the Contract to.
  13. Click the Contracts tab.
  14. Click the "Print" icon that now appears to the right of the Contract
  15. Click Print:

This will allow you to print a blank Contract, however it will still contain the name of the user the Contract was assigned to, and their Entering information: