To change a user's student enrollment to give them the Alumni role:
  1. Navigate to Core.
  2. Using People Finder, search for the preferred student > select the student
  3. Select the Access Tab
  4. Select the Pencil Icon beside the Student Persona
  5. Select ReEnroll in School
  6. Deselect Create enrollment information for future years
  7. Select Reneroll for the [year] School Year on the next screen
    • If the Enroll date should be changed to a preferred date, select Enroll in a Different year. Enter the preferred Enroll date, and select the original School year, School Level, and grade Level 
  8. Select Save
  9. Select the Pencil Icon for the Student Persona again
  10. Select Withdraw.
  11. Select Effective Immediately, for the same School Year they were originally withdrawn from.
  12. Enter the original Depart Date.
  13. Select the role of Alumni.
  14. Select Save & Exit.
  15. Select Confirm.