The way the software is currently coded, the "Send Pushpage" screen will always display the person who is signed in (or the person you are impersonating). At this time, if you want a different name and email to appear here, you have two options: you can manually change those fields or you can create a user with the desired name and email address that you can impersonate to send a Pushpage.

To create a default user to send out Pushpages, you will want to go to Core:

  1. Select Users/Access > Profile
  2. Select Add New User
  3. Create a new user profile
  4. Make the name what you want to appear in the "From Name" field
  5. Make the email address what you want to appear in the "Reply E-Mail" field
  6. Click Save
  7. Select Manage Roles
  8. Search for Pushpage2010 Manager
  9. Click Members
  10. Click Add
  11. Search for the user
  12. Click the blue arrows to add that user to Added Users
  13. Click Save & Exit