If you view the page in School Website, and you see an Asterisk * next to the Page Title, this means the Page is not published.

To ensure the Page is published, navigate to: 
  1. School Website> Website Management > Websites > Site Name
  2. Click the Publish Checkmark to turn it Blue. This indicates it is published
If there is no Blue Checkmark to select, then the given page is the default of that type, and it cannot be unpublished. If you make another Page the Default Page of that type, you can then unpublish the original:
  1. Navigate to another Page of the same page type (another News Page if its News or another Calendar Page if its for Calendar) you can see the Page type when you click on the Editing Wrench, and Click Settings
  2. Mark the Set As Default Option
  3. Click Save & Close
  4. Go back to the original Page's settings, and select the publish checkmark to turn it blue
  5. Click the Editing Wrench on the page you just published
  6. Click Settings
  7. Mark the Set As Default checkbox, which will make that page the default Page again