1. In The Raiser's Edge click on Luminate Online to open the Luminate Online plugin.
  2. Select the Constituent Information or Gifts and Registrations tab depending on which contains the XML you want to access. (Example below is for constituent Information)
  3. Once the Transaction window is open, point your cursor to “All” tab and press CNTL+ALT+F8
Constituent information
        4. You should see the following pop​-up appear

Enhanced Options
        5. Then select the record that you want the XML for as shown below

Constituent Information 02
        6. Then go to Tools > Transaction Data and you will see a pop-up, as shown below, that contains the XML for the selected constituent record.


        7. XMLs for different records inside of RE can be accessed by going to Tools > Transaction Grid.

Note: This functionality is to be used exclusively for troubleshooting with Blackbaud Support. If you are unable to use the hotkeys on your hardware to enable this feature or would like assistance translating XML data please contact your internal IT resources as this is outside of the Support teams scope.