First, you will need to clone the Grading Manager Role and give access to the People Finder, and Generate Transcripts tasks. To do this navigate to:
  1. Core > Security > Roles
  2. Click Add in the Upper Right
  3. Give the clone role a name and then select the Base Role. The Base Role is the role with the tasks needed for the cloned role to access certain content. (Grading Manager) Click Next.
  4. In Role Tasks click Next
  5. Search for users using the filter options. Once the user is found, click the blue-link arrows to move the user into the Added Users section. 
  6. Click Save & Exit.
  7. Click into the Role Name again
  8. Click Tasks
  9. Click Edit
  10. Find View Transcripts and mark both checkboxes
  11. Find Generate Transcripts and mark both checkboxes 
  12. Find Dashboard onRecord and mark the checkbox
  13. Find People Finder Access and mark the checkbox
  14. Find Academic Profile and mark the checkbox
  15. Click Save & Exit

Log out and back in, then impersonate the user. The user now has access to that role and the tasks with access to the content in the site.
Note: This still gives this Role access to Academics > Grades Managment > Enter grades by class and they can Record Grades. There is no way to disable this task via the clone of the Grading Manager Role at this time.