Currently, the School Athletics calendar that comes already setup in Core is unable to assign individual colors to individual sports teams. However, you can add the team events to their own event categories and then create new color coded calendars.

To do this:
  1. From the menu in the top left select Extracurricular
  2. Navigate to Athletics > Athletic Setup > Teams
  3. Type the team name and click View
  4. Click on the Team name to go to the team page
  5. Select the Schedule tab
  6. Click on Calendar View on the right
  7. Click on the subscribe icon subscribe button icon
  8. Copy the Webcal URL link
Once you have the Webcal URL copied:
  1. From the menu in the top left select Core
  2. Navigate to Events > Calendar Events
  3. Click + Add New Category
  4. Add a Name
  5. Click Yes for "Use iCal URL"
  6. Paste the Webcal URL link in the box
  7. Click Save & Close
Finally, to add those events to their own calendar:
  1. Remain in Core
  2. Navigate to Content > Calendar
  3. Click + Add Calendar
  4. Name your Calendar
  5. Choose an existing color or click Use Custom
  6. Select Filters
  7. Click + Add Filters
  8. Mark the newly created event category
  9. Click Apply
  10. Select Access
  11. Click + Add Access
  12. Mark all roles that should be able to view this calendar
  13. Click Apply
  14. Click Save