NXT Portfolio is incorrect or missing constituents

Raiser's Edge NXT has the incorrect portfolio count or says zero when the constituent record in database view has assignments. This is typically found to affect multiple users in one security group. 
In NXT the RE Username must be linked to Constituent record that is marked as a solicitor.
1. Login to The Raiser's Edge Database view
2. Go to Admin>Security
3. Open the specific RE Username
4. Click the binoculars next to the Constituent Name field
5. Search for the Constituent record that is marked as a Solicitor and open it
6. Save and Close the RE Username

If issue persists after allowing NXT to refresh, continue with the steps below.

  1. Open Database View ensure the Solicitor (that cannot see their portfolio in Work Center) has assignments within their constituent record. 
  2. Go to Web View. Go to Control Panel > Security > Security Groups and ensure the group they are in has rights to Access Portfolio. This can found under "Work Rights" and then "Edit Rights"
  3. If they have access to their portfolio and have assignments then go into Database View, then Admin > Security. 
  4. Recreate affected group by following Directions for copying security groups and place user in newly created group. 
  5. Allow NXT to update.


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