Date format for reports do not correspond with the format of users computer.

When running reports such as a Post to General Ledger report the date form is always in the US format regardless of what format your computer is configured to.
In webshell the date format is determined by the language setting of the internet browser being used.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Click the date and time on the bottom right of your computer screen.
2. Click Change data and time settings
3. Click the change date and time button.
4. Click change Calendar settings.
5. Change your settings on the drop down menu to any date format other than the US standar MM\DD\YYYY
6. Click save.
7. Log into CRM.
8. Go to the revenue functional area.
9. Under the report section, choose any report.
10. Click view report.
11. Note the date and time did not change the format.


 Blackbaud CRM

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