Delete email permanently setting in BBIS has deceptive description

In BBIS, the Delete email permanently setting's description causes users to believe the setting only deletes emails from the backend AFTER they have first been deleted from the frontend. This was at one point the case, but since SP8, the Automatically delete emails older than: option under the Delete email permanently causes the emails to be deleted from both the frontend and backend, regardless if they were first deleted manually from the frontend. The description leads one to believe the setting functions as it always has, only deleting emails from the backend after first manually being deleted from the frontend, which in turn causes a client to lose all of their emails in BBIS.
We are currently evaluating this issue with an unclear description in the Administration UI for an update in a future service pack.

Steps to Duplicate

1. In BBIS, click on Administration
2. Click Sites and settings
3. Under the Settings tab, click Schedules
4. Scroll down to the bottom
5. Notice the Delete email permanently setting with its description


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