Session Timeout time is not disconnecting users in WebPortal

When users are inactive for longer than the maximum session inactivity time set in the WebPortal Configuration Tool they will be signed out of WebPortal.  Unless users click the log off button, they will still be using a license, even if they are inactive longer than the maximum session inactivity time, or close the web browser window.  This can cause other users to get the maximum users are already logged in to the software.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

To log users off:
  1. Login to WebPortal as Supervisor
  2. Go to Administration
  3. Click the trash can icon Trash Can Icon next to the user's name

Steps to Duplicate

1.  After attaching FE database to BMC>> open the WebPortal Configuration Tool.
2.  Select the FE Database tab and select the specific database.
3.  Select the Website tab>> reduce Session Timeout to 2 minutes.
4.  Click Apply and OK.
5.  Open the Blackbaud Management Console> select the database> highlight Active users.
6.  Go to the Website Link from the Summary tab of the WebPortal Configuration Tool.
7.  Sign in with the following credentials:
Username: Supervisor
Password: Admin123!
**Note: The active users on the BMC should change to reflect the WebPortal login
8.  In WebPortal> select Administration to view Active users.
9.  Open a new window in a different browser to access WebPortal with the following credentials
Username: APTest
Password: Admin123!
**Note: The BMC and Active Connections screen in WebPortal should reflect both users
10.  Close the browser window for WPTest and do not select to 'Log Out'**
**After 2 minutes, WPTest is still showing in active connections in WP and the BMC

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