Page Managers and Admissions Managers are able to embed a photo into the Decision page, using School Website Uploads (misc) and HTML.

As a Page Manager:
  1. Navigate to School Website.
  2. Select Content > Additional Content Types > Uploads.
  3. Add the photo of your choosing, making sure to choose the correct file extension from the drop down.
  4. Once the photo is uploaded, copy the path that is written to the right of "File path to link this file:" (it will start with /ftpimages/).
(Note: A Content Manager or Content Editor with Uploads (misc) access can do the above steps from Core > Communication > Content Types > Uploads (misc).

 As an Admissions Manager:
  1. Navigate to Enrollment Management.
  2. Select Admissions > Admissions Setup > Decision Types.
  3. Edit your Decision.
  4. Click the HTML within your text editor.
  5. Use the following code to insert your image: <img src="pathCopiedFromonMessage">
  6. Update your changes.
  7. Click Save.