As an Administrator, you may wish to give department chairs and other users access to view the information in a teacher's Gradebook without being able to edit the Gradebook itself. This can be done by giving access to the Gradebook Printout - By Teacher report to either specific users or an entire role.
    1. Go to Analysis > Reports.
    2. Select Report Admin.
    3. From the Category drop-down, select Gradebook.
    4. Select the 2nd page.
    5. Next to the Gradebook Printout - By Teacher report, click either Role or User.
    Grade Book Printout - By Teacher
    1. Search for and select the Role(s)/User(s) to grant access to.
    2. Click Add to Group >>.
    3. Repeat for any additional Role(s)/User(s).
    4. Click Save & Exit.