Why am I being asked to reinstall Silverlight when using FireFox?

This is because Firefox is updating their browser to remove support for Silverlight, however they provide a version for workplaces that use software like Blackbaud Grantmaking that requires Silverlight. This is the "Extended Support Release", and installing that will allow customers to continue using Firefox. The timing and how the updates are rolled out are entirely due to changes on Firefox's end.

You will need to uninstall and reinstall SilverLight and a new version of Firefox.

1. Go to Windows control panel
2. Uninstall Microsoft SilverLight
3. Go to the link:
4. Click the link for Firefox 52 at center-right on the page
5. Select your language (e.g.: English (US)), click Download on the icon that matches your operating system (most often, this is Windows 32-bit)
6. Follow the automatic installation process on your workstation to install Firefox ESR
7. Log into Blackbaud Grantmaking
8. Silverlight Message comes up again
9.  Install SilverLight from that window

Once Silverlight has reinstalled you will be able to access Blackbaud Grantmaking.

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As of March 7th, logging into Blackbaud Grantmaking with Mozilla Firefox will provide customers with the following screen:

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