After an update or scheduled maintenance, you may need to update your Application Root URL along with the OData URL. To do this:
  1. Go directly to the Odata URL and check for a server error that says “The resource cannot be found.”
  2. Update the application root URL in Altru
    1. Login to Altru
    2. Navigate to the Administration tab
    3. Click, “Set Application Root URL”
    4. Ensure that the URL matches what you see in your browser’s address bar. For example, your URL may start with altrurig04bo3 and can change to altrurig05bo3.
  3. Get the updated Odata URL in Altru
    1. Analysis > Information Library
    2. Search for the query that is used in the Wordpress calendar. It may be named Wordpress.
    3. Click the query and towards the top middle of the page, click the link “Get OData LINK”
  4. Update the WordPress plugin with the new Odata URL in WordPress
    1. Login to WordPress and go to the Altru iCal Feed configuration towards the bottom left of /wp-admin.
    2. Replace the contents of the first input field with the OData link you got from step 3.
    3. Save the form.
    4. Toggle between authentication methods to test if this resolves the issue with the feed URL.
  5. Refresh the import feed.
    1. Click the events tab on the left.
    2. Click Import Feed, then click the name of the import in question.
    3. Click refresh to update the application with the new information.
  6. Verify if the events show in the OData feed in a browser
    1. Open a new browser window (for example, Chrome)
    2. Paste in the OData URL in the browser's URL field
    3. Enter your Altru credentials if prompted
    4. Check to see if the events are listed in the code that appears on the page
  7. Check the ICS file that WordPress generates
    1. Login to WordPress
    2. On the left side, there should be a section similar to "Altru Settings"
    3. At the top of the Altru Settings page there is a URL to download the ICS file that the calendar users
    4. Open the file in a text editor to search for the missing events
    5. Note: Check for white space and special characters as this may indicate that there are line breaks in the event description which will break the white space based ICS format and it will fail when a line break is read.
  8. Remove and re-add the feed
    1. Login to WordPress
    2. Go to Events > Import on the left side
    3. Remove the current feed and add it back

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