images are not added to email when using the GUI WYSIWYG editor

After setting up a Newsletter template with Image Placeholders to use to create messages. When inserting a new image into an image placeholder it will not insert into the placeholder, rather it will insert below the newsletter template. 

This only occurs in Chrome version 58. 

We are currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future service pack.

Workaround: Use a different browser and/or manually input the img ref into HTML

Steps to Duplicate

1. Sign into BBIS
2. Click Email
3. Click Messages
4. Click New Messages
5. Select Newsletter Template
6. Double click on Image Placeholder
7. Box appears to Insert/Edit Image
8. Click on Box Image that is beside Image URL 
9. Insert appropriate sized image
10. The image is not replacing Sample Photo just placing it below or above the actual newsletter template


 Blackbaud Internet Solutions

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