Error saving record: Field is read only: Vendor name or Vendor ID

When importing invoices into Accounts Payable with the Vendor name field in the import file, a user may receive the error: "Error saving record: Field is read only: Vendor name" or "Error saving record: Field is read only: Vendor ID"
Verify that the vendor record is not currently open. If so, close out of the record and try importing again.

The Vendor will pull onto the Invoice record from Vendor ID. The Vendor ID is used to match the vendor and all of the other fields are imported as new records.  The Vendor Name cannot be updated from the Invoice record as a new record, this import isn't going to change the Vendor Name, and thus the error occurs.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create a few vendors in Accounts Payable. Only the vendor name is needed. Take note of the vendor ID and Save and close the vendor record.
2. Set up an Excel CSV file with the following headers and include a few rows of data using the vendor IDs and names created in step 1.

Vendor ID
Vendor Name
Invoice number
Invoice amount
Invoice date
Due date
Post date
Invoice distribution amount
Invoice distribution debit account number
Debit transaction distribution amount
Attributes type
Attributes description

3. In Accounts Payable, go to Administration.
4. Click Import records.
5. Create a new invoice import.
6. Under the General tab, select the create CSV file to import.
7. Under the Fields tab, map the Fields to Import to their respective Import Fields.
8. Click Import Now to run the import
9. Open the control report and notice the error.


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