What is the Fix Constituent Codes Sequence Utility and how does it work?

I'm looking for a way to change the constituent code list order on a record. Will this plugin allow me to do so?
The plugin does not re-order how the Constituent Codes appear on a record. To do so refer to the process: How to change the order in which constituency codes are listed on constituents' records.

The order in which constituent codes are saved within our server tables are known as a sequence. On records, Row 1 is assigned sequence 1, Row 2, Sequence 2, etc.
Incorrect sequences on records could be due but not limited to constituent codes being deleted , constituent codes being duplicated, complications with merges or data conversions.

Scenario 1) A Constituent code is deleted without deleting the row.
The Constituent code section may look like:
Row 1 : Constituent Code 1 - Sequence 1
Row 2: Blank - Sequence 2
Row 3: Constituent Code 2 - Sequence 2

Scenario 2) A Constituent Code is duplicated on the record.
The Constituent Code section may look like:
Row 1: Constituent Code 1 - Sequence 1
Row 2: Constituent Code 1 - Sequence 1
Row 3: Constituent Code 2 - Sequence 2

Data Issues or errors could arise when updating records in this state via import or merging records. The plugin corrects the Constituent Code table so the correct order of the constituent code is aligned with the correct row/sequence.

If you are hosted by Blackbaud this plugin is already included in your plugin library as "Constituent Codes Sequence Utility". Refer to How to run a plug-in in a hosted environment. If your database is installed locally proceed with the following:

Note: Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup solution.

Review all of the following instructions before running the plug-in.

  1. Log in to the workstation as a local administrator
  2. Download the attached files dobFixCCSequence.vbd and FixConstitCodesSequence.dll
  3. Copy dobFixCCSequence.vbd and FixConstitCodesSequence.dll to the Plug-ins directory of Raiser's Edge
  4. Register FixConstitCodesSequence.dll on the workstation
  5. Have all other users exit and sign out of The Raiser's Edge
  6. Log into The Raiser's Edge
  7. Click Plug-Ins from the navigation bar. The Plug-Ins screen appears.
  8. Click the Constituent Codes Sequence Utility link
  9. Follow the prompts


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