Error: Sorry, couldn't save attachment [file name] - adding a Contact (email) Journal Entry using the eTapestry Outlook integration

I'm saving a Contact Journal Entry to eTapestry through the eTapestry Outlook integration. When I try to add the email, the following message occurs:

Added contact to [contact name]
Sorry, couldn't save attachment [file name]

The Journal Entry creates, but the attachments don't add.
This message may occur if the Attachments module storage space allotment for your eTapestry is nearing its limit. To address this message:
  • Delete attachments from journal entries
  • Or contact your eTapestry Account Executive at for pricing information on increasing the Attachments module storage space allotment.

Steps to Duplicate

In Outlook with the eTapestry Outlook integration present:
  1. Start a new email message
  2. Enter a subject, message, and add attachments.
  3. When the message is complete, click Add-Ins in the top menu bar.
  4. Click Send & Add to eTapestry
  5. Click search to find accounts.
  6. In Choose Accounts, highlight the desired account and click Add to move to Selected Accounts.
  7. Review other settings (ensuring at least one attachment is present).
  8. Click Save to add the Contact Journal Entry.
  9. The Journal Entry will add but the message occurs regarding any attachments, which do not add to the Journal Entry.

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