Whenever comparing the Raiser's Edge NXT Web View to the Database View, it's important that settings are set the same in both places.

In the Web View, Years Given and Years Consecutive is calculated using set formulas. Please refer to this RE NXT help feature for more information on how this calculates.

In the Database View, the Consecutive Years Report has multiple options available in the report as to how to count the consecutive years. If the report results don't match the Web View, review the results on the Consecutive Years report. Some things review on the Database View report to improve results:

  • On the General tab: Remove the set the date to Last Fiscal Year. Set soft credits to Both and matching gift to Both.
  • On the Filters tab: Ensure that all filters are set to Include all.
  • On Gift Types tab Ensure all types are selected except Write Off, MG Write Off, Recurring Gift, and Planned Gift. Unmark all at the bottom except Exclude zero amount gifts.
  • On Attributes tab: Unmark the Include and Exclude settings. (The Web View does not consider these.)
  • On Format tab: Highlight Details and enter 1 for the Minimum number of consecutive years.