Pledge status report shows incorrect outstanding pledge balance

Pledge status report is showing a .01 balance even though the pledge is paid. Issue seems to be occurring for pledge payments that are split between pledges or funds.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

In the meantime please try the following steps
  1. Go back to the constituent record, open the pledge payment then go to the split tab of the gift
  2. Select the percent option for the split to calculate then go back to the amount, the split will be recalculated
  3. Select save and close then run the report again, the report will balance.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to the constituent record
  2. View the Gift in question, the pledge payment has been split among different funds
  3. Select save and close out of the record
  4. Go to Reports>Pledge Status Report, attach the constituent record, preview the report
  5. The pledge will have a balance of .01


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