Unable to add link to image in email in BBIS

When trying to add an image in a BBIS email message you can select a link to add but it is not added. After clicking Insert, the box does not close and the link is not added. You may also see the box increase in size. 
This issue is resolved in 4.0 Service Pack 15.

In the interim, hyperlinks will need to be added through the HTML. Within this link, the section you'll need to follow is "HTML Links - Image as Link".

The overview of the process is as follows - Starting point: Editing the email
Note: we recommend taking a backup of the HTML and saving it locally in case something goes awry in the editing process. BBIS does not have a revert option for emails design.
  1. Select image
  2. Click View>Source Code
  3. Locate your Image URL tag, which should look similar to this: <img src="www.websiteurl.org/view.image?id=1234"/>
  4. Wrap the image tag as follows: ​
    • ​​Image: img src="www.websiteurl.org/view.image?Id=1234"/
    • Wrap image in - Beginning tag: end tag 
    • www.desiredhyperlink.com - replace this with your desired hyperlink
  5. When finished, click OK, then click Save

Steps to Duplicate

1. Click Email tab
2. Click Add Message
3. Add an image to the message
4. Select the image
5. Click Insert
6. Click add link
7. Select a link to add to the image
8. Click Insert, once clicking Insert the box does not close, the box instead increases in size


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