I received an email from Blackbaud about upgrading TLS. Is my Microedge product affected by this?

I received a communication that Blackbaud will begin disabling TLS 1.0 across its solutions on March 15, 2018. How do I know if this applies to my Microedge products?
The following products have been updated to support TLS 1.1 or higher, or will be in a future update, without any customer action needed:
  • GIFTS Online
  • IGAM (Online applications)
  • Blackbaud Outcomes and the Outcomes grantee portal
  • GIFTS Online Reviewer Portal
  • AngelPoints
  • FIMS Host*Net (Future update)
  • DonorCentral
The following products are currently being evaluated. If an update is needed, we will communicate this separately.
  • GIFTS Alta (Using IGAM)
  • GIFTS (Using IGAM)
  • FIMS (On-premise, using DonorCentral or IGAM). The deadline for FIMS has been extended to 5/31/2018. On-Premise FIMS customers will need to upgrade to 14.60 on or before that date. IGAM will need to upgraded to version 6.0 to continue retrieving online applications past 3/31/2018. You do not need to upgrade to FIMS 14.60 in order to upgrade to IGAM 6.0. The FIMS upgrade can be done at a later time but before 5/31/2018.

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