What are the Blackbaud Healthcare Analytics for Consumer Marketing Persona Groups?

One of the attributes returned with Blackbaud Healthcare Analytics for Consumer Marketing is a Persona Group.  This article shares details about the different Persona Groups.
The Persona Groups attribute is an alpha-numeric segmentation that organizes consumers into five distinct socioeconomic groups from early adulthood through advanced age. There are three subgroups included in each group: very healthy, average, and unhealthy. The subgroups are based on respective consumer attitudes and approaches to health and healthcare.  A brief description of each segment follows.
GroupSegmentDefinition% (National)
A Young and Invincible (Male)3.22%
 A1Very Healthy 
C Married with Kids (Male)5.05%
 C1Very Healthy 
E Midlife Realist (Male)13.23%
 E1Very Healthy 
G Empty Nester (Male)15.44%
 G1Very Healthy 
I Next Chapter (Male)11.72%
 I1Very Healthy 
B Young and Invincible (Female)2.96%
 B1Very Healthy 
D Married with Kids (Female)5.56%
 D1Very Healthy 
F Midlife Realist (Female)12.90%
 F1Very Healthy 
H Empty Nester (Female)16.12%
 H1Very Healthy 
J Next Chapter (Female)13.80%
 J1Very Healthy 

For more information on the specific demographic and behavioral characteristics associated with each Persona Group, please click the attachment below.
  Persona Definitions.pdf

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