Apple Pay is available for clients on the supported versions of BBNC or BBIS and will appear automatically with no action needed on your end. In addition to being on the supported versions of BBNC or BBIS, Apple Pay requires the following criteria in order to appear:


  • You must be using Blackbaud Merchant Services
  • You must be processing transactions using US or Canadian dollars
  • You must be using a part that utilizes Blackbaud Checkout
  • You must be using a compatible Apple device.


Blackbaud Checkout is currently only available on the Donation 2.0 form (also known as the Donation Form - Mini in BBIS) for BBNC. You will not see Apple Pay available as a payment option the first time you create a Donation 2.0 form and proceed to the Checkout screen. It takes approximately 24 hours for Apple Pay to be enabled after you first create a Donation 2.0 form and go to the Checkout screen. All subsequently created Donation 2.0 forms will automatically have Apple Pay as an option after this initial 24 hour period. 

Note: A small subset of clients may encounter an error when creating Donation 2.0 parts due to the issue described here. We are working to address this issue.