Custom Allocating a Payment Processed Through Smart

  1. Pull up the family's main landing page
  2. Hover over the blue tab on the left-hand side and select View Payment History
  3. Select Edit Payment Allocation for the payment you'd like to adjust
  4. Ensure that the Unassign button is in green then click Submit
  5. The system will ask if you're sure, click on the orange check mark
  6. Click Edit Payment Allocation
  7. Click Custom
  8. Select the billing item or items you'd like to allocate funds to
  9. Select how you would like to apply the payment
  • Spread Into Current Or Next Billing Months: will apply as much of the payment as possible to the current month and will rollover the excess amounts into the following months.
  • Spread Evenly Across All Available Months: will front-load the billing item(s). In other words, it will divide the payment evenly, subtract it from all months and add that amount into the current month.
  • Apply to Specific Months: will allow you to select the amount to be allocated to specific months.
    Note: When using 'Apply to Specific Months':
    If you allocate more to fee/months than was due:
    This option will Edit the Billing Detail automatically to rearrange amounts due from all months, evenly. This means that the amounts due for the fee/months you specify to allocate toward will increase to meet your entered amount, and other months will decrease an equal amount.

    Example: If there are 10 months charging $1000 each for tuition, and you apply a $1900 payment specifically to the first month only, the system will then Edit the Billing Detail so that $1900 is now due in the first month for tuition, and only $900 tuition is due in the following 9 months. These changes, by month, will be reflected in the Audit Trail under Edit Billing Details.
  1. Click Submit
  2. The system will ask if you're sure; click on the orange check mark to confirm.

Custom Allocating when applying an In-School Payment

  1. Pull up the family's main landing page
  2. Hover over the blue tab on the left-hand side > Select Add A Payment
  3. Click method of payment made by family (cash, check, etc.) Feel free to include any additional necessary information in the Payment Description
  4. Type in payment amount in the Payment Amount cell
  5. Click on Custom Allocation
  6. Repeat the above steps