FE NXT page is stuck on "Loading" screen

When navigating through FE NXT webview, one or more users will notice that their screen appears stuck on the "Loading" message. After remaining on the page for 5+ minutes, no information loads. No data appears after refreshing the screen, nor after clearing cookies and cache. This is duplicated on all browsers - IE, Chrome & Firefox. 
Please chat in with Support and provide the following information: 
  • What is your Tenant ID?
  • Is this duplicated for multiple users? 
  • What are the affected usernames?
  • Is this duplicated on multiple FE NXT webpages? Which pages?

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Login to FE NXT as any user on any desktop
  2. Navigate to Reports
    • NOTICE that the "Loading reports" message appears frozen on the screen. Nothing ever appears. 

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