Users cannot transfer Blackbaud accounts, but they can add these users to Groups in order to have others collaborate on Applications and Reports with them. To use Groups on the Blackbaud Outcomes portal, please do the following:

1. After logging into the Blackbaud Outcomes portal, hover over 'Control Panel' in the user menu at top left and click "Manage Groups"
2. Once the Manage Groups screen appears, click +Add Group
3. The Add group window appears - enter a Group name and add the Email address of your collaborators > Click 'Add group'
4. This action creates the Group
5. Go to 'Applications' in the user menu at top left
6. Once your Applications load, click the ... icon to the left of the Application you wish to share out > Select "Share with group"
7. The Share with group prompt appears, confirming your choice > Click 'Share' to share the Application with your Group collaborators > The Group changes on the Applications list to reflect the choice

This allows other users to work on the same application. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns in the meantime.