Due to Incident #2017112801 preventing Online Express forms from loading correctly, we have temporarily suppressed the following elements from the Donations Dashboard page in the Online Express plugin to maximize performance during Giving Tuesday:
  • Donations during the past 4 months graph
  • Pageviews in the past 30 days metric
  • Transactions in the past 30 days metric
  • Total donations in the past 30 days metric
  • Conversion rate in the past 30 days metric
  • Average donation in the past 30 days metric

No data will be lost and we will restore all page elements within the next 48 hours. Users will still be able to view the data in the form-specific dashboard panels and report on form performance using the features available when clicking on the View performance details hyperlink by doing the following:
  1. On the Donations tab, click on the View performance details hyperlink
  2. Select Custom from the Date range drop-down
  3. Type your desired date range in the date fields
  4. The data on the screen will auto-update as you change the date range