Special Donor Report Includes Gifts and Non Gift Amounts

When running the Special Donor Report the report pulls total gifts which is gifts plus non-gifts. The report will pick up donors with less than the specified amount in actual gifts if they have non-gifts that push the total over the specified amount and there is no way to exclude the non-gifts. This can also cause donors to be excluded if they use negative non-gift amounts which is common practice.

It is expected to be able to exclude non-gifts from the calculation so as to calculate based on actual gift amount versus the total gift amount.
This was fixed in FIMS 14.3.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Gifts
2. Go to Reports\Donor Reports\Special Donor Reports
3. Enter in a date range and an amount for example greater than or equal to $5000.00
4. Run report and see a gift included that was for 4500.00 for example when the non-gift amount was 500.00 making the total gift 5000.00, but the gift amount was only 4500.00 and should have been excluded.



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