An Advanced List can be used to find Test Scores for Students. To create the list, navigate to:
  1. Navigate to Analisis > Manage Lists 
  2. Click Manage Basic and Advanced lists
  3. Select List Templates
  4. In the Category drop-down select Constituent Information
  5. Click View/Copy next to Students by Current Grade
  6. On the left under Select Objects, expand Admission
  7. Select Candidate User Test in the pop-ups select User Base.User Id (only unmark this as an Inner Join if you wish to see Users regardless if they have a Test Score or not)
  8. Click Select
  9. Under Admission, select Test and Subtest
  10. Unmark User School Defined Fields as Inner Join
  11. Select Display Fields
  12. Click Select Fields
  13. Expand User Base > Candidate User Test and mark all the Fields you need such as  User ID Test Date, Score etc
  14. Expand Test mark Test Short Description
  15. Expand Subtest and mark Short Description
  16. Name the List
  17. Click Save or Save & Exit