Analyse opportunities filter dates remain after removing a prospect

If a user has added in a 'Date Asked' on a proposal in The Raiser's Edge database view, of 1900, every date from 1900 will then show in the 'Asked date' filter in the NXT webview 'Analyse Opportunities'.

When the proposal is then deleted, the dates remain in the analyse filter.
We are currently evaluating this issue. Please contact support for further information.

Steps to Duplicate

1) Log into the database view
2) Add a proposal to a constituent record, with a 'Date Asked' of 1/1/1900
3) Save the record and exit the database view
4) In NXT, navigate to the 'Fundraising -> Analyse -> Opportunities'
5) Click the drop-down for 'Asked Date'
6) There will now be every month since 1/1/1900
7) Remove the proposal in database view and the dates remain in webview

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