How do I unallocate a payment?

Users can unallocate payments from previously allocated payments. This can be useful when making an adjustment to billing after a payment has already been allocated to fees, tuition and or discounts. When payments are unallocated, the amounts will move to being unapplied until they are reallocated (either custom or default).
Unallocating a posted payment 
  1. Once on the family's account hover over the Blue tab with the white arrow
  2. Select the View Payment History tab
  3. Locate the payment to be adjusted and Click Edit Payment Allocation
  4. Confirm the Un-Assign button is green and click Submit
  5. A yellow text will appear to confirm the change of allocation, click the check mark
After un-allocating the payment, you can then chose to custom/re-allocate the payment to specific fees.

It should also be noted that a in-school payment cannot be re-allocated the day it was submitted, as it has not posted yet. The option to edit a in-school payment will be available on the business day after it is made. 

If a change to the allocation of an in-school payment needs to be made the same day it was submitted, you can void/cancel the in school payment, and then re-add the payment with the different/new allocation.

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