If a donor has specified a Tribute on their online gift from Online Express or Blackbaud NetCommunity, then it must be linked to a Tribute in The Raiser's Edge in order to download it.

If the Tribute is incorrect or is seen as a one-time Tribute:
  1. Create the Tribute on the Honor/Memorial tab of the donor's constituent record. Or create the Tribute on a 'generic' Tribute constituent record. (Tip: This generic record should be an individual constituent with a name like Single Tribute. Mark the constituent as needed to not mail, email, etc. to suppress this record in reports, mailings, and exports.)
  2. Optionally after the gift is processed and committed, delete the Tribute record from Honor/Memorial tab on the constituent's record where it was created. Deleting the Tribute record itself will remove it from any linked gift(s).