Error Run Time Error 5152 This is not a Valid File Name when Running the SaveGrantLettersFundID Macro to Save Grant Letters

When doing the application history export with fund rep and merging into Microsoft Word and then running the SaveGrantLettersFundID macro, the following error can occur, " Run-Time Error 5152 This is not a Valid File Name. Try one or more of the following: Check the path to make sure it was typed correctly. Select a file from the list of files and folders."
This occurs if there are slashes / or quotes " in any of the FIMS fields in the export such as organization name. When the error pops up, it will show directly over the record in Microsoft Word with the issue. You will be able to see the record in question and then can go to FIMS and fix it and then merge again.

For example:

Ms. April Smith
JJB\South Carolina PBS
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

In the example above, the slash was in the organization field. Since this is a application history export, you will need to check two places, one on the profile on the Profile 1 tab and then also on the historical grant application on the contact tab. Remove the slash mark or other unaccepted character from both of those errors and then start the merge again and the error should go away. You will need to do this for each instance where the error appears for any record in the merge with this issue.

Each case where this error occurs may be in a different field in FIMS. you will need to look at the letter in the merge when the error occurs to see where the unacceptable characters are located and then go to FIMS and fix them.



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