Updating the appeal on revenue records via a Generate Revenue Update Batch causes the marketing effort information to clear out

After changing the appeal on a marketing effort, then generating a revenue update batch to update the appeal on revenue that has already come in from that marketing effort, you might notice that the marketing effort information is lost in the batch.
Finder Number, Effort, Appeal, and Source Code are all interconnected and linked for gifts that come in for a Marketing Effort.  With this in mind when one of these values is changed the application takes that as a sign that this effort information should be removed.  Should a user need to change any of these fields they'll need to re-enter the appropriate information into the applicable fields.

Steps to Duplicate

1) Create a marketing effort > Activate it.
2) Import revenue to the marketing effort/appeal
3) Commit the batch.
4) Change the appeal on the effort.
5) Create a revenue selection consisting of the revenue imported in step 2.
6) Go to the Revenue functional area > Generate revenue update batch > Add a process
7) On the Generate revenue update batch form, enter the following:
-Revenue selection: Use the selection created in step 5
-Mark the "Filter selection and overwrite with new value" checkbox
-Filter by: Appeal
-Current value: The original appeal used on the marketing effort
-Overwrite with: The new appeal on the marketing effort
8) Run the process
9) Open the batch and notice that the marketing effort information is blank.


 Blackbaud CRM

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