The Bookkeeping plan is a plan that schools can use for families if the intent for these accounts is for record keeping purposes only. What makes this different from a regular payment plan is its limitations on what a parent cannot do if they are on that plan versus a parent who is on a regular payment plan. 

Unlike the regular payment plan, families on a Bookkeeping plan are not able to do the following: 
- Create and access their online Smart account
- Make payment installments either via the web, mailing a check, mobile app or by phone. 
- Have access to the Parent Contact Center 
- Receive invoices either via regular mail or via email

There is a one time admin fee for a family in the Bookkeeping plan and this is charged directly to the school.  To find out the rate of the Bookkeeping plan, please contact Support. For help contacting support see: How do I contact Customer Support?