My Enhanced Revenue Batch import is matching constituents without flagging possible duplicates

I created an Enhanced Revenue batch for an import. Even though batches are set high for the matching level, I type in a name that is similar to someone already in the system but isn't that person and it pulls up the constituent already in the system. The constituent matching settings aren't applying to the batch's Constituent field.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. At the top of Altru, click Add New > Individual
  2. Add a first and last name and Save
  3. Go to Administration > Import
  4. Click Generate Import Header file on the left
  5. In the Batch Template drop-down, select Enhanced Revenue Batch and click OK
  6. In the Excel file, type in a name in the Constituent field that includes a middle name not already on your individual record 
  7. Type something for the Amount and Date fields
  8. In the Revenue Type field enter Payment
  9. In the Application field enter Donation
  10. Enter a designation name in the Designation field
  11. Save and close the Excel document
  12. Back on the Administration > Import page click Add and select Enhanced Revenue Batch
  13. Name the import and upload the file you just saved
  14. Select the Map Fields tab
  15. Map the Constituent, Amount, Date, Revenue Type, Application, and Designation fields that were in your Excel file
  16. Select the Set Options tab, then select the Constituent Matching tab
  17. Check the box “Check for records that match existing constituents” and the boxes under it
  18. Enter the match confidences as the defaults 100 – 95, 94 – 70, and 69 – 0 respectively
  19. Select the Other tab and in the Search List Fields section, select Quick Find
  20. Click Save, then click the drop-down next to the import and Start Process
  21. When the process finishes, click on the batch number to open the batch record
  22. See that the Constituent field automatically matched the name to the constituent even though the import file included a middle name

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