End-Dated Prospect Manager is included in Export

Users may find that end-dated prospect managers are exported when using the Prospect Manager > Name field on a Constituents export definition.

The export functionality does not include filtering logic to remove prospect managers with an end date. 

There are two ways to approach this situation:

  1. Adjust the query used by your export definition to remove records that contain information you do not want included in the xport 
  2. Filter/sort the export in a program like Excel to exclude rows with an end date.  

Steps to Duplicate

1) Navigate to Prospects > Search Major Giving Prospects
2) Click Search and select a prospect
3) Click Prospect (tab) > Prospect Team (tab)
4) Either add a Prospect Manager and set a start and end date, or edit the existing manager to have an end date prior to today.
5) Navigate to Administration > Export Definitions > Add > Constituents
6) Add Name, LookupID, Prospect > Prospect Manger start date & end date, Prospect Manager > Is Active & Name
7) Save the Export Definition and Navigate to Administration > Exports
8) Add a new Export with a type of Export Definition.
9) Create a constituent selection using the Lookup ID of the constituent from step 2
10) Select the Export Definition created in 5 and save
11) Run the export and note that the Prospect Manager name is present


 Blackbaud CRM

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