How to attach document sent using Auto-Mail

When sending out documents through auto-mail from a journal entry, client would like to have a copy of this to attach to the journal record.
​Under Auto-mailing, to send the document to the constituent by email, select Automatically email the documents to accounts with email addresses. Additional email options appear.

Use the document's contents as the body of the email itself - We recommend this option for correspondence such as thank you letters, invitations, newsletters and other day-to-day correspondence. It reduces the size of the email, download time for your recipient, and the chance of being blocked as spam.

Include the document as an attachment on a separate email - When you select this, eTapestry generates documents based on the contents of your template and sends them as attachments on an email.

Note: When you select the include attachment option, Compose your Auto-mailing email appears. In the drop down field, you can select an email template to begin your template and then edit it using the HTML editor.

Enter a subject for the email.

Tip: You receive a copy of the auto-mailed documents.

To generate the document, click Run.



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