Error Your T Record Contains Incorrect Incomplete Information in Positions 304 through 358 when Submitting 1099 to IRS Website

After submitting a 1099 to the IRS website, the following error results are returned:

Your 'T' record contains incorrect/incomplete information in positions 304-358. Each of the following fields must contain valid information:

Contact Name (304-343)
Contact Phone Number (344-358)

Refer to Publication 1220 or contact your software company or service provider for further information.

Record Sequence number 1 is the first known record containing this error.

This error occurs because the contact name and phone number for 1099 forms is not set up in FIMS.  To do that complete the following:

1. Go to Tools\System Utilities\System Options\AP
2. In the IRS_Electronic_Filing_Contact field and the IRS_Electronic_Filing_Phone field and fill out the contact name and phone number for the person responsible for IRS filing. You will need to do the same thing for the 1099-R forms as well if you are uploading those to the IRS. Click Apply and OK after entering in data in each field:

3. Go back to reports, re-generate the 1099 report and then re-create the Electronic File to be uploaded to the IRS by clicking on Create Electronic File. The file will now contain the name and phone number of the person that is responsible for IRS filing:



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