How to import Tax claim number

In some cases when one-off cash gifts ​ have been deleted and then imported back into Raisers Edge the Tax claim number remains blank. The fields are all correct for the import and there are no exceptions.
This can be resolved by importing using the Constituent ID and placing the Constituent ID field in the last row of the import
We suggest using the Raisers Edge field headers, this should map the fields automatically and prevent mapping errors

How do you want the system to identify existing Constituents?
- Use the Constituent ID

*Steps relate primarily to cash gifts / gifts imported via Admin > Import > Gifts option and do not apply to imports via the Pledge Payments or Recurring Gift Payments options.

For Pledge payments you would use KB 42703 and for Recurring Gift payments it would be Kb 47122
When the payments have been imported then the tax claim number and import ID of the imported payment would be imported separately via a Gift import to Update Existing Records
  claimed gift import test.xlsx


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