YTD GL Report YTD Reconciliation Report and FACTS Unitization Reports Wrap Digits to Next Line of Report when Printed after Upgrade to 14.60

When printing the YTD General Ledger report, the YTD Reconciliation report or the FACTS Unitization report the numerical figure on the far right wraps the last digit to the next line all the way to the left of the report. On the screen, the data appears to be correct and does not wrap, this issue only occurs when being physically printed.
This issue with the YTD GL and YTD Reconciliation reports has been fixed and the fix will be deployed the week of 3/19/2018 to HostNet customers. The fix will be included in 14.60 set up executable on the Blackbaud website for self-hosted customers.

The issue with the Unitization report is resolved in FIMS 14.62 which will be released in the fall of 2018. This download can be obtained from the Blackbaud downloads page.

In the mean-time, the work around that can be used for the YTD GL report is to print to PDF rather than the printer, you will see that the report looks correct in the PDF document. From the PDF document, you can then print to the printer. You can also adjust the margins on the printer as another work around.

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