Two Payments Lines are Created when Importing Grants from DC NXT after 14.60 Upgrade

When importing grants from DC NXT into FIMS after upgrading to 14.60, two payment lines are created on the application.
The fix for this will be deployed in HostNet for hosted customers the weekend of 4/14/2018-4/15/2018. For self-hosted customers that have upgraded to 14.60 and have this issue, we have a patch to fix this that can be applied to your system. The 14.60 patch for those customers who have upgraded to 14.60 and have this issue, the patch is now on the Downloads page.

For now until the patch is deployed, the work around is to manually delete the 2nd payment line in the application.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to the Grant module
2. Click on the Import Grant button on the top right side which looks like a heart with a blue letter 'e' in it.
3. In the Suggestion window that opens highlight a suggestion
4. Right click and select create applications
5. Fill out the values in the default window that opens
6. When the application is created see that there are two payment lines on the payment plan tab



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