Error RE7 Alum not installed if adding Gender as column to relationship grid

If Gender is added as a column to the relationship grid for a Constituent record an error is received RE7: Alum not installed.
This only occurs if the Primary Alumni module is not included in The Raiser's Edge.
It will cause relationships to NOT be visible if highlighted on ALL on the left side.  

This was resolved in The Raiser's Edge 7.96, patch 11. If your database is installed locally, download and install the latest version and patch, if applicable.

Previous workaround: 
Remove Gender as a column from the Relationship grid.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Login to The Raiser's Edge that does NOT have Primary Alumni Module
2. Navigate to any Constituent record and go to the Relationship tab
3. Right click in the white space and select Columns
4. Add Gender from the left side to the right
5. Click OK
6. Error received
7. <All> Relationships no longer visible, but if select Individuals, Organizations, etc.  The Relationships are visible and can be opened. 
8. Go back to <All> Relationships and error received again.

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