Step 3 Missing from Enroll Candidates

When using the Enroll Candidates process you might notice that the steps jump from Step 2 to Step 4.
Enroll/Inactivate Candidates is a shared task and Step 3 is only used by the Inactivate portion. Step 3 is used for "Define Candidate Status" where you select the Inactivation reason. You will also notice that Inactivating skips past Steps 4 and 5 as these steps are only used for Enrolling candidates. 

For clarification, Step 1 (Select Candidate Criteria), Step 2 (Select Candidates), and Step 6 (Review) are the only steps that are truly shared between both functions. The rest are unique to each aspect. 

Steps to Duplicate

Step 1: Select Candidate Criteria 
Entering Year: (Select your year here) 
Entering Grade: 
School Decision:
Candidate Decision: 

Step 2: Select Candidates 
Select "Check All" for Enroll 
Click Next

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