FIMS 14.60 Upgrade and Patch Information

Please see the following information regarding the FIMS 14.60 installation and patch.
FIMS 14.60 was originally released on 3/22/2018. After the release two issues were identified as outlined in the articles below:

Two Payments Lines are Created when Importing Grants from DC NXT after 14.60 Upgrade

Error No Results Returned from Tax Status Organization Verify. Web Service could not be Accessed. Check Internet Connection.

To correct these issues, we completed two steps:

1. We created a patch for those customers who have already upgraded to 14.60 and have the issues. See the downloads page for the patch for those customers already on 14.60 and are experiencing one of the issues above. Note, this is only for self-hosted customers that have already upgraded to 14.60 and have one of the issues above. In hosting, this patch will be rolled out to all hosted customers the weekend of 4/14/2018-4/15/2018.
Complete the following steps to install the patch if you are already on 14.60 and are experiencing either of the issues above. Users do not need to be logged out of FIMS to complete these steps:

1. From any workstation, save patch file,, to a location on the workstation.

2. Go to FIMS | Tools | System Utilities | FIMS Update and Patch Install Utility.

3. Browse and select the saved patch file from step 1.

4. Click Install

2. We updated the 14.60 installer on the downloads page so that future customers who download from that page will get the installer that includes the fixes on 4/10/2018. If you have not upgraded to 14.60 yet, please download the newest 14.60 installer that is now on the downloads page.




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