Customer Support can create a Qualifications Report for you and place it in your Files section which includes the following information:
  • All qualifications on encumberable opportunities and renewal templates
You have the following options for the Qualifications Report:
  • All Current (non-archived) Opportunities, OR
  • Specific Current (non-archived) Opportunities by Opportunity ID(s) you provide, OR
  • All Current (non-archived) Opportunities within Scope ID(s) you provide
To request the Qualifications Report, contact Customer Support and provide the following information based on the options mentioned above:
Indicate whether you want to see all Qualifications for:
  • All OR Current Opportunities, OR based on Scope ID
  • Depending on which option you indicate, provide the Opportunity ID(s) or Scope ID(s)

To find the Scope ID:
  • Go to Site>Configurations>Scopes
  • Select the Scope you're interested in
  • Locate the URL for this listing, copy and paste it in your customer support request