As of May 2019, System Administrators can create a Post Acceptance Questions Report that can be found in your Files section (Site>Files) which includes the following information:
  • All post acceptance opportunities with their questions
To run the Post Acceptance Questions Report, navigate to Site> Files> System Reports.  Find the section called Questions the specific report called Post Acceptance Questions - with the Description that states "All post acceptance opportunities with their questions." 

Click on the blue 'Request Report' button.  Your system should update and a green banner will appear at the top of the page with the message "Your report has been queued for processing. When finished, it will be available in the files section."  Depending on your specific institution and size, the report can be found in your Site> Files area near the top of your files list within a few minutes (or hours).  The file name will be called something along the lines of siteshardname_post_acceptance_questions_2019May13_1555.csv    

NOTE: You may find that the report contains some rows which have [] in the questions column and that indicates that the box on the Details tab that reads "Add a post-acceptance questionnaire for applicants to complete after they receive an award offer." has been checked but no actual post-acceptance questions were added.  This would warrant investigation and either adding the needed questions or if the box was checked in error, unchecking the box.  These kind of changes should only be done ideally after a current cycle has ended and as part of your cycle management process.