Working with Qualifications:

Public End Date 
is the date displayed to applicants as the date that an opportunity ends and the applicant can no longer apply OR be matched to the opportunity. The opportunity will continue to auto-match applicants until the internal end date.

Internal End Date is the date the system will stop automatically matching applicants to an auto-match opportunity regardless of the public end date. If there is no Internal End Date, the opportunity will continue to match applications until it is archived. 
  • Once the Internal End Date has passed, all of the applications in the applications grid were qualified on that date. If an applicant becomes unqualified based on imported data after the internal end date has passed, the application will remain but the qualification points will be displayed as 0.
  • You have the ability to change the qualifications on an opportunity after the internal end date has passed, HOWEVER only qualified applications AS OF the Internal End Date will be displayed in the opportunity's applications grid. In this case, previously qualified applications that were displayed may be removed and newly-qualified applications may appear.
Using New Import Data as a Qualification:
If you wish to add newly imported data (after you have added this new data as a new import question) to be used as a Qualification, BOTH the Public End Date and the Internal End Date must be open.
Otherwise you will not see this data as an option to create a new qualification. If you decide to move either of these dates to a date in the past before the new data was added, the qualifications will no longer appear.